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Igniting the spark in a new generation of courageous and capable leaders through a student-centered community of diversity, academic excellence, and innovation in the Montessori tradition.

High School

We equip and empower
every student to cultivate their own highest potential,
uniquely preparing them to
succeed and lead
in a changing, challenging world.

Our vibrant, inclusive community rooted in
rigorous, cutting-edge curriculum
and character development
cultivates good people — not just good students.

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Oneness-Family School

Project-Based Learning in Chevy Chase, MD

Project-Based Curriculum

For 30 years, Oneness-Family School’s premier holistic learning environment has served families who value student-centered, project-based learning and personal growth alongside rigorous, evidence-based curriculum.

Hands-on and interdisciplinary learning in traditional core academics, STEM, the arts, languages, civics, conflict resolution, and community service foster nimble and collaborative thinkers, creators, builders, and leaders with “big picture” perspectives. In small, dynamic classes, students tap into their natural passion for learning and individual interests. Oneness-Family School classrooms are alive with the spark of student engagement and initiative. 

The Montessori Experience

We’re the Washington, DC area’s only innovative and diverse learning community nurturing academic excellence in the Montessori tradition for early childhood through elementary, middle school, and high school.

The Montessori method is a student-centered, evidence-based learning approach developed by physician and reformer Maria Montessori. Today, Montessori educators tailor educational methods to human development and incorporate the latest brain science.

This developmentally-appropriate approach meets the academic, social, and emotional needs of children and teens at every age and stage. Low student-teacher ratio, individual and small-group instruction, and a collaborative approach support flexibility within structure. Multi-age groupings allow students to both learn from and help guide their classmates, while individualized instruction allows students to learn as much and as rapidly as they want and are prepared for. In the Montessori tradition, students demonstrate mastery of each topic or skill before moving on to the next.

Holistic Approach, Well-Rounded Graduates

Oneness-Family School values and supports every student as a unique and whole individual. This holistic approach meets each student where they are—cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Creative and critical thinking, focus and sustained attention, self-motivation, and social-emotional intelligence are among the lifelong benefits of a Oneness-Family School education. We’re dedicated to cultivating well-rounded people, not just academic achievers. An emphasis on character development, social-emotional learning, and individual potential means Oneness-Family School students are poised to contribute and lead, whatever paths they choose after graduation.

As our students reach the middle school and high school years, the Oneness model supports teens in developing their cognitive skills in preparation for college—while sustaining their emotional well-being during an exciting and challenging time of growth. In these years of honing their core social identity and integration into wider community, Oneness-Family School provides a positive anchor. Our graduates excel at competitive higher ed institutions across the U.S. and around the world. They go on to pursue fulfilling careers where they make meaningful contributions. They emerge as visionaries and leaders in their communities.

A Nurturing Learning Community

Private elementary, middle, and high schools together offer an exceptional opportunity for continuity and belonging. We form a close-knit environment that helps students and families flourish.

Our intentionally inclusive culture expands the horizons and capacities of every student, empowering all learners to thrive in a diverse and rapidly-changing world. At Oneness-Family School, we emphasize cultivating community, finding one’s own voice, and contributing to a peaceful and sustainable world.

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From Andrew Kutt, Founder and Head of School

Skating to the Edge of the Night by Andrew Kutt

As uncle Bob led us across the snow-covered pasture, I looked up and saw Venus shining brightly just above the lavender and pink-streaked horizon.

Lilac and swallowtail butterfly

Happiness is the Road We Walk by Andrew Kutt

We sometimes conceptualize happiness as a place we will arrive – someday.   A place we are headed like a point on a map on summer vacation.   Yet we all know in our heart of hearts that life does not work that way.

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