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Feb 24
You don’t have to be religious to value religious literacy. And just because you are religious does not automatically make you literate about world religions. Harvard recently announced that they are launching a new free online course to promote religious literacy. This is a badly...


Aug 1
Andrew Kutt, Founder and Head of School was recently interviewed for an article in Washington Parent magazine on Montessori Education.   (Excerpt below) "...The structure of Montessori classrooms supports this sense of communal learning. Students learn in multi-age classrooms where...
Jul 21
After nearly 3 decades of providing the highest quality Montessori education for children two years old through eighth grade, the Oneness-Family School is very excited to announce the opening of our high school in September 2016! Our new high school will be based on central...


Dec 1
By Andrew Kutt-- The kindergartners stood in a circle on the grass, in the park one brisk afternoon, leaving the slides and monkey bars empty. Curious, their teachers approached and heard them softly singing one of their gentle, circle-time songs from class. Drawing closer, they...
Oct 1
Andrew Kutt-- The bumper sticker, “Childhood is a Journey Not a Race,” seems like a simple and straightforward reminder to be mindful, but we often forget to think about how profound the statement truly is. In fact, the philosophy presents a challenge to parents and educators alike....
Aug 1
By Andrew Kutt-- A 2013 Organic Trade Association study reports that more parents buy organic food for their children and 81% have at least tried it. The industry grew from $1 billion in 1990 to $26.7 billion in 2010. Parents are clearly being more conscious than ever about what goes...
May 1
By Grace Ogden--  A large circle of six- to nine-year-olds sits and contemplates a jar brimming with multicolored glass hearts. “How do we want to celebrate our transcendence?” asks their teacher, and a forest of hands fills the air. The Rainbow Heart Jewel Ceremony at Oneness-Family...



Louise Eriksson

Louise Eriksson '08

Studied... Advanced Art at Konstskolan Idun Lovén & Forsbergs Skola in Stockholm, Sweden

Currently... Freelancing at a Swedish VR company called Gleechi and working on illustrations for a children's book.

At OFS...I learned to believe in myself—that even if something seems impossible at first, if you stay at it, you will eventually succeed.